Spent a total of four days in Japan, which is not nearly as many days as I would have liked. No worries though because I know I will definitely be back. We flew into Osaka, then took the train to Nara for a day, and then spent the next two days in Kyoto. 


If you ever plan on making a trip to Japan, especially if you plan on going to Kyoto or Osaka I highly recommend you to take a day trip out to Nara. It's an extremely easy train ride from either Kyoto or Osaka and we found that the train stations in Japan provide locker/luggage storage that comes in handy if you need to drop your things off while you go out and explore. Nara park is where you can go to pet, feed, and hang out with the deer. They are everywhere! I would also warn that some of the deer can get a little aggressive when they see you are the holder of their treats ; )

Hong Kong

For about two and a half weeks in June, my long time friend Kelli and I traveled to Hong Kong to visit our other friend who had been living in Hong Kong for the last five years. Her and her girlfriend are making a move out of Hong Kong so we wanted to visit while we had someone to stay with and was a local : ) 

The outer islands surrounding the city were probably my favorite parts of the trip, and enjoyed visiting those areas more so than the city center. We went to Pui O beach, Lantau island, and Lamma island. Lots of beautiful natural pink and blue gradient sunsets I was happy to capture!