Family album

I wanted to create a simple but interesting "photo album" featuring family photos from my mother's side. "Bishop" is my mother's maiden name. All photos featured show a transition from The Philippines, to Guam, and finally America. The front and back cover is made of wood with a laser cut finish spelling out "Bishop" in order to give the book  more of a feeling of dimension. 



An ode to my friends, who were all willing to wake up at 4 am to drive to cocoa beach and watch the sunrise. We took a "home video" during our trip, and I wanted to take that video and translate it into a different medium, so that it could exist somewhere other than social media. The book is heavily visual - representing the movement of the time. 


Elizabeth Suzann Lookbook

I am a huge fan of the independent clothing line Elizabeth Suzann. Known for her minimalist shapes, and functional clothing, she has really helped start the movement of small batch locally made goods. Wanted to re-purpose photos shot for her lookbook and create a physical form of it using linen paper and interactive fold outs of the spreads.