Maybelline Social

Various pieces of content created for Maybelline's social channels such as instagram, pinterest, facebook, and tumblr. Concepted and executed visuals with photographers, copywriters, producers, and prop stylists on set. 


Color Blur


Color Blur Instagram take over

Photographer: Soraya Zaman   Prop Stylist: Cristina Fitch

For a new lipstick product called "Color Blur" we decided to do an instagram take-over. Color blur is a lip product that allows you to "blur" your lipstick in order to create an ombre effect on your lips. To execute the take-over we decided to disrupt the instagram feed, blur the lines, and take maybelline's followers through a journey of New York City. 

Maybelline Dream Cushion campaign

For Maybelline's new product launch of their foundation Dream Cushion, I helped to concept and art direct two video executions for digital distribution along with social content and web design. We wanted to show the innovation of this liquid foundation and came to the idea of "Fluidity Reimagined."  In order to show the technology of the pack, we did a choreographed "unboxing" video.